Operation Mind Control - Receiver Generation cassette cover

Blasts from the past

On our virtual travels this week, we stumbled across a couple of instances of some archive Operation Mind Control recordings: namely the last cassette-only release for Chainsaw Cassettes, Receiver Generation (CSC017). You can listen to the whole release on YouTube,… Read More »Blasts from the past

Childhood soundwork (cassette)

One-off shop

We are now also offering some one-off items in the shop, starting with a unique 1 minute and 10 seconds soundwork, presented in a see-through cassette case, cover and box.

Funkturm - Cognitive Dissidents mixtape artwork

New Funkturm mixtape for 2020 – Cognitive Dissidents

Funkturm are currently working on a new mixtape for release through Personal Soundtracks in early 2020. This will be the first brand new Funkturm release since Alta Punt Abrir. Working title for this cassette and download release is Cognitive Dissidents.