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Catalogue for 2020-21

This is our planned schedule of artwork and musical releases for 2020-21. Below is the list of portable artworks currently available or planned .

These range from a DVD in hand-made cover and screen-printed poster to limited-edition artists books and short-run experimental music cassettes.

Catalogue # Release date Title Artist Edition of Format
PST001 May-15 Alta Punt Abrir Funkturm / Martin Picton 26 DVD with screenprinted poster in handbound cover
PST002 Jun-15 Soundspaces book Richard Gallon 50 Folded laser-cut & sewn book in cassette box
PST003/1 Apr-18 Funkturm & Friends volume 1 Funkturm 25 Mixtape cassette
PST003/2 Apr-18 Funkturm & Friends volume 2 Funkturm 25 Mixtape cassette
PST004 Nov-18 Live in London 02-04 Funkturm Download + Bandcamp
PST005 Sep-19 Fluorescence. Cassette Works 1987-1992 Operation Mind Control 25 Cassette + download (Bandcamp)
PST006 Feb-20 Childhood Richard Gallon 1 Cassette
PST007 Mar-20 Sounds Unfamiliar (original) Richard Gallon 1 Audio cassette
PST008 Apr-20 Static (original) Richard Gallon 1 Bookwork & soundpiece
PST009 Sept-20 My Life (In the Ghosts of Bush)
Operation Mind Control
50 Cassette + download
PST010 May-20 Program 41/50 Guts tbc tbc + download
PST011 May-20 Rust Chemical Plant tbc CD + cassette
PST012 tbc Fidelity Richard Gallon 50 Set of 10 printed postcards
PST013 tbc Built-In Adolescence The Invisibles 25 Book & 7″ single
PST014 tbc 10 Films version 2 Richard Gallon 50 Bookwork in 35mm film cannister
PST015 tbc Autoscript Fork 50 Book & CD / download code in CD wallet
PST016 tbc Display book Richard Gallon 25 Bookwork
PST017 tbc The Room Chemical Plant 25 CD / download code
PST018 tbc Barcelona photogram Richard Gallon 25 Bookwork
PST020 tbc Life Before CDS Richard Gallon 25 Bookwork
PST022 tbc The Cold Store Tapes –
Deluxe edition
Chemical Plant 10 Book + vinyl + CD + poster
PST023 tbc Chainsaw + singles Chemical Plant 50 Book & CD / download code in CD wallet
PST024 tbc Sounds Unfamiliar (editioned) Richard Gallon 25 Audio cassette and book
PST025 tbc Looks Good On Paper (editioned) Richard Gallon 25 Bookwork & soundpiece
PST026 tbc Urban Mantras – Deluxe edition Funkturm 50 Book & CD / download code in CD wallet
PST027 tbc Red Tape Richard Gallon 25 Bookwork
PST029 tbc Volume 2 Fork 25 Book & CD / download code in CD wallet
PST030 tbc Demography Richard Gallon 25 Bookwork
PST031 tbc Live DVD / Disturbance Chemical Plant 25 DVD
PST032 tbc HazChem Chemical Plant 25 music box

Subject to change

Items and dates may be subject to change, so check back regularly.