Soundspaces bookwork image

Affordable portable cassette art

We are a cassette label specialising in underground, ambient and electronic music. We make limited-edition audio recordings and small artworks.

These range from specially-packaged music releases to artist’s books, and everything in-between. We also offer downloads our Bandcamp pages and via the site (coming soon).

Soundspaces bookart image
Soundspaces limited-edition bookwork, packaged in a cassette box.

The label curator is Richard Gallon, a visual artist and – as Funkturm – an electronic musician. As the name suggests, the label has been established partly to release Richard’s own artworks and collaborations.

Richard previously ran Chainsaw Cassettes, and some of our forthcoming releases will make these recordings – previously only released on cassette – available digitally. We also plan to release selected works by artists we know, or that explore similar themes.

Personal Soundtracks brings an underground aesthetic to disposable pop culture ephemera. Many of our releases are themed around the recently-revived audio cassette format.

Operation Mind Control – Fluorescence cassette

So far, we have released limited-edition audio cassettes by Funkturm and Operation Mind Control, sound works and book art by Richard Gallon, and a DVD of a live Funkturm performance to accompany the short film Alta Punt Abrir.

Browse our shop and catalogue of affordable portable musical art. All items for sale are limited editions. They are small and unique pieces of art that you can own today.