OMC featured on Antihistamine 2020 compilation

28 Dec , 2020  

Antihistamine 2020: 19 Seconds of Sound cover art

A 19 second Operation Mind Control track was recently featured on Antihistamine 2020: 19 Seconds of Sound (HT047), a compilation of 19 second sound pieces from 77 artists, compiled by the Histamine Tapes label. The brief for tracks was “Just send me 19 seconds of sound. Any sound, Any Genre, just no synth,” You can […]

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Cassette Week 2020

18 Sep , 2020  

Cassette Week 2020 promo image

Tapehead City have kindly included us in their list of releases for the Cassette Week 2020 event that they are organising. Cassette Week 2020 takes place from October 11th-17th.


New tracks up on Soundcloud

19 Aug , 2020  

Collage image from OMC TBC. Cover art sketches for OMC cassette release.

We’ve updated our Soundcloud page so you can now hear most of our back catalogue. We’ll be adding new updates soon.


Blasts from the past

8 Jul , 2020  

Operation Mind Control - Receiver Generation cassette cover

On our virtual travels this week, we stumbled across a couple of instances of some archive Operation Mind Control recordings.

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Bandcamp sale – today only

1 May , 2020  

Alta Punt Abrir DVD label print

As Bandcamp are waiving their fees for today, we’ve made a couple of our physical releases available on our BC page for the day. Our Funkturm+Friends mixtape and Alta Punt Abrir DVD can both be ordered today (1st May 2020) only from Funkturm+Friends is a one hour mixtape from Funkturm and the wider D.O.R […]


Video: About Personal Soundtracks

20 Mar , 2020  

Black & white text collage for Happy half-hour 328

All about the Personal Soundtracks cassette and art label, and what we do.l

Video by Christine Preisig. Music by Funkturm, taken from Alta Punt Abrir, a live improvised soundtrack to accompany Martin Picton’s twenty minute film, Nothing Happened Today.

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Sounds Unfamiliar

1 Mar , 2020  

Sounds Unfamiliar Soundwork - cassette

Sounds Unfamiliar is a unique soundwork featuring audio cassette plus printed sleeve and label.

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One-off shop

9 Feb , 2020  

Childhood soundwork (cassette)

We are now also offering some one-off items in the shop, starting with a unique 1 minute and 10 seconds soundwork, presented in a see-through cassette case, cover and box.

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Fluorescence on 6Music’s Freak Zone

9 Dec , 2019  

OMC on 6Music Freak Zone

Listen to CIA from Operation Mind Control’s Fluorescence on this week’s Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone – The track appears around the 27 minute mark. (The previous track he mentions is not from Fluorescence, but is in a similar sonic vein).

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